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Our purpose is to establish a business capable of engineering solutions and long term maintenance to the building industry through:

• Working closely with Architects and Engineering firms during design and engineering implementation of new projects.
• Team work with mechanical and electrical contractors during project construction by providing satisfactory service at the right costs.
• Offer building owners exceptional service through a dedicated maintenance department. A complete solution under the same company. Our current success is proof of our client's satisfaction with our services.

We can then offer our clients a complete package from the construction of the project to maintaining the building according to the design parameters and conditions by offering a state of the art and reliable product, accompanied by long term maintenance/service commitment.
This combination has been the key to our success as a business enterprise, while providing the building owner lower energy costs and obtaining long life utility in all of the equipment.

Being an independent dealer is good business to our clients, since they get the best out of the two.
• First: The backup guarantee from Honeywell/Alerton and Siemens corporate support for product design, manufacturing, and technical expertise of their products.
• Second: None of the profits from factory owned branches of over 30% needs to go back to maintain corporate overhead.